The progressive candidates challenging Nancy Pelosi for her congressional seat have agreed to a debate.

The debate, set to occur on August 17th at 9pm EST, will be hosted by Real Progressive’s Savage Joy.

In California’s “jungle primary” system, the top two candidates proceed to the general election, regardless of political party. This means it could be possible for two Democrats to face off in the general election.

Progressives are worried about a potential repeat of 2018, where Pelosi faced 3 democratic challengers only for none of them to marshal the 19,000 votes required to beat the Republican and advance to the general election.

However, there are key differences in 2020.

In 2018 Shahid entered the race just 3 months before the primary, potentially not giving voters enough time to consolidate behind a single candidate. There are still 9 months before the 2020 primary, so voters have plenty of time to decide which candidate to back going into the election.

There were also no debates between candidates in 2018. By agreeing to a debate this early in the 2020 cycle, the progressive challengers will help better inform voters and provide enough time for them to decide on a candidate.

The candidates who will be debating are:

Make sure to tune in!

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