Pelosi with the other panelists she brought on stage for her town hall.

Constituents of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district expressed frustration over her stance on impeachment, Medicare-For-All, and climate at a town hall in San Francisco Tuesday night.

Several political organizations in Pelosi’s district had requested the speaker hold a town hall to address the growing frustration around her positions on impeachment, Medicare-For-All, and the Green New Deal.

Pelosi agreed to hold a town hall, but not on any contentious issues.

The subject of the town hall was gun-violence–an important issue–but also one deliberately chosen because of its soft-ball nature.

While the majority of the town hall focused on gun violence, before closing, Pelosi brought up Medicare-For-All and climate.

Pelosi’s statements around these two key issues drew frustrated shouts from the audience.

On Medicare-For-All, Pelosi said “In terms of some other issues that came up, like medicare-for-all,[…] we have had hearings […], that is one that is on the table for consideration, as are many other ways to improve quality affordable healthcare, including improving the Affordable Care Act.”

On climate, Pelosi said “Some have asked about climate. For me, climate was my flagship issue when I was speaker the first time and still is. It is an issue that is a generational [pause] threat, and it must be addressed. And that the President did not go to the climate meeting, at the G7, is not surprising [audience members begin shouting “impeach” and “do your job”], but none the less disappointing”.