Denny Heck, the Congressman from Washington’s 10th district announced Wednesday that he will not be seeking re-election.

In a medium post, Heck lamented the current state of politics, “At times, it is as though there are no rules or boundaries,” he wrote. “Success seems to be measured by how many Twitter followers one has which are largely gained by saying increasingly outrageous things, the more personal the better.”

The statement appears to be a reference to Joshua Collins, the socialist trucker challenging Heck. Collins is currently the only Democrat running in the safe blue district.

Collins issued a response via press release, saying: “Denny Heck is right, all or nothing is absolutely what the current moment calls for. We’re facing an existential threat from climate, thousands dying every year without healthcare, and people are living in tents in our district right now. When it comes health, human dignity, and a survivable planet, you’re damn right I’m an all-or-nothing candidate.”

Collins has achieved an impressive level of notoriety on Twitter. His account has grown from under 5,000 followers just a few months ago to well over 40,000 today.

Despite the fact that Collins is the current clear front-runner, across the board the main stream media has neglected to mention him in coverage about Heck’s retirement.

It is likely an establishment insider will enter the race and challenge Collins. Possibilities include Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby, and state Reps. Beth Doglio, Christine Kilduff and Mari Leavitt.